Welcome to The Business Café

WE'RE IN BETA - The Business Cafe is currently pre-launch, raising finance and preparing to bring the first cafes to the high street. Our community is thriving and growing every day. Please become a member, find us on Twitter and be sure to join our Facebook group too.

You will see a Pledge Form at the top of this page, this is for our Crowdfund, we are gathering a sense of the people who would like to become shareholders and the level they would like to invest. Please do pledge if you know about us, if you don't then do join our Facebook Group mentioned above or email penny.power@thebusinesscafe.co.uk
The Business Café will become a network of high street coffee shops for sole-traders, SMEs and business people. Membership is free and allows access to all cafes as they open across the UK and beyond.

As well as a beautiful private members lounge-style, environment serving high quality food and beverages, members will enjoy a culture of peer support and community and will have access to free ad hoc support with the digital applications they use in their business.

Whether it is an hour a day or several hours a week, the nation’s coffee shops have become a temporary office or meeting place for business owners looking for a space away from their home office.

The Business Café will look to reduce the isolation many business owners feel by becoming the offline social business community that will mirror the online social communities (such as Facebook and Instagram) but in a face to face space.

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