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The Business Café is a new concept in business services and linking local people together.

The Founder, Penny Power OBE blends her experience of building a global SME community over 14 years and her three years working with the digital labour shortage and connecting the Born Digital generation to the business community.

Ecademy and Digital Youth Academy were trailblazing concepts. Ecademy, the first Social Business Network, pre-dating LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter was founded in 1998. While Digital Youth Academy, born in 2011, brought to market the UK’s first Digital Marketing Qualification for use in Apprenticeships.

The Business Café is Penny’s third business launch and she would be delighted to discuss this with the Press and media community. The launch of the first two Business Cafes will be in 2017 as we pilot this concept and prepare for national roll-out.

To contact us for more information please contact Penny directly on