Mental Strength for Business Initiative

Many business owners struggle with mental health. The lack of a salary and thus a reliable income each month is strain enough. The highs of a successful month are addictive and thrilling, but the fear or the reality of a feast famine pattern takes its toll.

Toughing it out and putting on a brave face becomes the norm and – as is in the case of 78% of the SME population – working alone without a colleague in the business, loneliness and isolation can set in. The opportunity to share a worry or vulnerability becomes extraordinarily rare. This is what The Business Café community is all about.

Our mission is to provide support, community, business friendship, counselling, mentoring and skills to our membership entirely free of charge and judgement.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for complimentary and empathic brands. CSR contributions and support are welcomed. We are seeking enlightened brands to work with us on this special agenda, as we work with mental health and well-being experts to provide reports on our culture and impact and showing the economy how together we are respecting and growing this sector in order to support their goals, their family needs and local economies.

Make contact to see how you can put your SCR budget to great effect and show your support for the mental health and strength of those in small business.