Get your app on the ‘Digital Menu’

Our mission is to help SMEs and the self employed make the most of the digital revolution and digitise their business to save their time and maximise their business health.

The Digital Menu
As a digital software, app or software as a service (SaaS) provider, we know Making Business Digital is equally as important to you as it is to us. SMEs and the self-employed are a vital and growing market for your services, but getting them to download, onboard and benefit from your service enough to pay for it, and keep paying for it takes time and resource.

The Business Café Digital Menu brings your app to the high street, meaning;

  • Increased awareness of your app, what it does and how it helps
  • Assistance with downloading your app
  • Onboarding of your app and embedding it in to member businesses
  • Ongoing support with your app and deeper usage to encourage customer retention

Our Digital Team are fully trained on your application and able, in a business context to assist our SME membership to download, set up and roll your digital service into their day to day business operations.

Support for all apps on our Digital Menu is available free of charge to our members, so there are no barriers to making their business digital and increased promise for their business growth and longevity. Join the already impressive list of great brands who ‘get it’ and got involved and will be on the Digital Menu from the very start:

Sage Logo    FreeAgent     Xero  Image result for 9spokes logo

We urge other enlightened app providers to contact us and get your app on the Digital Menu.