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Who is The Business Cafe for?

The Business Cafe will be high street coffee shop for business owners. Our dream is to open one in all towns across the UK, owned by local business owners. Finally putting the community resources in the hands of the business people who know what is needed for their local economy. We will bring the culture of social business in a high-quality environment offering great coffee and the company of your local business owner peers. For now, while we work toward our Crowdfund, The Business Cafe is a busy, exciting and supportive Group on Facebook. We would love you to join us there. Click here to join the Facebook Group

What is the cost of being a member?

The cost of being a member of The Business Cafe is FREE. Naturally, great coffee, tea, cakes and a super light menu (and all the things you’d expect to find in a coffee shop) will be on sale.

What are the benefits of becoming a TBC member?

The Business Cafe will be a social hub for the small business community where you can meet local business people. Somewhere to sit and relax over a coffee as an alternative to Starbucks or Costa. In addition to familiar faces, you will find lots of plug points, a print station and zoned areas to suit your mood. It will also give you access to learn new digital skills and get free frontline support on digital business apps from our in-house Digital Friends.


Please complete this Join Form as this will enable us to keep in touch with you when we OPEN a location near you. We would also like to invite you to be part of our Crowdfund when we launch.

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